Existing Health Problems

The basics:

Events try to make themselves accessible and welcoming to people with health problems and disabilities. With a bit of thought and planning, many potential difficulties can be overcome. Here are a few things to consider:

More on Existing Health Problems:


  • Bring with you enough of your medication to last till you get home
  • Check the advice on our Prescribed Medicines page

Wheelchairs and mobility aids

  • Bear in mind that festival sites can be difficult to get around at the best of times and pretty well impossible in bad weather if your mobility is poor
  • Many events have a Disabilities Coordinator, who will be able to advise you on any special provisions made

Medical Information

  • If you have a complicated medical history, it will be really helpful if you bring a summary with you (your doctor’s surgery may let you have a print-out)
  • Let us know if you have to carry out any special procedures to keep well – we may be able to provide facilities and assistance

Pregnancy and recent childbirth

  • We do not believe a festival site is a suitable place for childbirth, or indeed for very young babies
  • FMS does not provide midwifery services and will advise getting you to the nearest hospital if you go into labour

Recent surgery

  • If you have recently undergone surgery, ask your GP or hospital for advice about any special precautions to take and whether it is a good idea to go
  • Bring supplies of dressings with you. We can change these for you but may not have the particular ones you need


  • Festival sites are not sterile! Bear this in mind if your condition makes you particularly prone to infection
  • FMS cannot provide special toilet or washing facilities

Get in touch!

  • If you still have any particular concerns or problems, you can contact us at info@festival-medical.org and we shall be pleased to help