Stand Against Violence

Stand Against Violence (SAV) is a registered charity based in Taunton, Somerset. The charity focuses on violence reduction and prevention through education.


SAV was set up in 2005 following the murder of Lloyd Fouracre in Taunton. The charity was set up by Lloyd’s brother Adam with the aim to prevent further violence similar to that which claimed Lloyd’s life.


In 2002 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared violence a worldwide major public health issue after a report showing that 199,000 young people lost their lives to violence world wide. In England and Wales there are 2.5 million incidents of violence every year (DoH, 2013) and it is estimated that for each individual affected a further 10-20 individuals are also affected (McVeigh et al, 2005). This is a staggering figure.

The WHO proposed that violence should no longer be seen as a law and order issue but a public health one. Much research has been conducted into methods of violence prevention. One of the most cost effective and beneficial methods is primary prevention through educational activities with young people.

Our work

SAV delivers violence prevention workshops across the South-West with 8 years experience in the field. Workshops primarily focus on the consequences of violence and the impact that our decisions have on others. SAV also develops unique educational resources including using Lloyd’s story as a film and a new 3D film resource currently available to schools around Somerset. SAV has achieved impressive results with reports of reduced fighting and bullying in schools, improvement in young people’s behavior and reduced reoffending amongst youth offenders. To date SAV has worked personally with over 10,000 young people and over 20 young offenders. The film of Lloyd’s story is the main centerpiece of our work and is available for purchase on DVD and free streaming online. Over 400 copies have been sold worldwide with positive effects reported where it is used. Based on average class size in the UK SAV can estimate that the DVD’s have impacted on over 120,000 young people each year.

Our operations

SAV has a board of 8 trustees with backgrounds ranging from victim support, health care, legal, charity finance and business.

Our core work is undertaken by trained teachers who receive specialist training in violence and its prevention. Teachers are employed based on experience and interview within our area of focus to ensure that they are well equipped to tackle such a potentially emotive subject.

SAV has a robust 5 year business plan ensuring the charity stays on target which is reviewed annually. The focus for the charity is to work towards sustainability, enhance and develop resources and workshops, engage directly with local youth and grow the organisation to reach new areas.

Funding request

SAV would like to request funding of £10,250 to support the ongoing work of the charity and the development of new resources.

Adam Fouracre, founder and chair of SAV is also a member of FMS.

Funding breakdown

New resources development (primary school materials and towards the cost of our new film resource) £6,000

Free school delivery (cover costs to provide free workshops to 12-50 schools depending on number of lessons) £3,000

Project management time £1,250

Project details

  • Primary materials

SAV currently delivers to year 8+ (14yrs+). We are keen to develop materials suitable for primary school delivery. Research suggests that reaching people at an early age will achieve greater long term results. Material produced by Violence Is Preventable in Dundee will be our foundation for the resources. This material is evidence based and has proven effective.

  • New film resource

SAV would like to develop a new film resource, which will be filmed in a series of short clips. These clips will initially be released on social media depicting the impact of violence on the lives of people involved ranging from professionals, victims, offenders and acquaintances. This will be a powerful series to raise general public awareness via social media and will then be compiled onto a DVD for use in workshops.

Wherever possible SAV aims to deliver workshops to schools free of charge but we require funding to do this. It has been recognised that following free delivery schools will rebook with us but some are reluctant to spend their limited budget trying a new workshop so free delivery offers them a way to trial our service first.

All of the above requires management and time to produce and organise. Our CEO works part time on 22.5 hours per week and at present this role is unsustainable requiring £18,000 p/a. The role is crucial and although the charity is now sustainable thanks to his efforts the role itself is not. We have two further funding bids pending to secure the role for the next year but if you are able to support the time allocated to these projects that would be very helpful to our pending applications.

What SAV can offer FMS

We are currently conducting research into the affect our work has on changing attitudes towards violence amongst young people. This is in conjunction with the Liverpool John Moores University who specialise in violence prevention research. Their report will be published in September and will include any donors or supporters who have contributed to make it possible. We can include FMS in this as well as issue press releases, promote involvement on social media and on our website.