The Kambeng Trust

Supporting the village of Bakary Sambouya in the Gambia with education, healthcare and community development

Village Health Clinic



Prior to 2007 there was no local health care available.  The clinic was funded and opened in 2007 by Mary Sylva.  In 2008 The Kambeng Trust was donated an ambulance by Festival Medical Services to service the clinic and surrounding villages. Thanks to further significant help from FMS, we have since been able to support the clinic by:-

  • Funding all medicines and medical resources
  • Funding the ambulance & driver
  • Providing medical equipment
  • Funding salaries for the five staff
  • Providing bed nets for families to help prevent malaria
 The clinic provides an outpatient service for the Village of Bakary Sambouya and the surrounding villages. The four wheel drive ambulance serves the same communities, taking emergencies and referrals to the hospital. The clinic is managed by a locally elected Clinic Committee.

Main conditions treated at the clinic are: Malaria (greatly outnumbering any other illness), pneumonia, diarrhoea and dysentery, respiratory tract infections, hepatitis, chicken pox, skin infections, anaemia, burns, dog bites, STD’s and eye problems.

In 2011 and following a visit by Dave Parry from FMS, further funding enabled us to upgrade what was a very basic building. It was repainted, floors tiled throughout, and a water supply installed, solar power was installed enabling flush toilets and washbasins with running water to be put in. New furniture and better storage facilities completed the refurbishment and now the clinic serves an ever increasing remote population.