Charities supported by FMS

The Charity’s objectives are:

  • the relief of sickness by the provision of medical services and emergency relief particularly at public gatherings;
  • to advance the education and training of members and volunteers of the Charity, and of members of the public in general, in the subject of medical care ; and
  • any Charitable purpose which the trustees shall from time to time think fit

Fund-raising and charitable donations

FMS volunteers working at events generate income, which after payment of running expenses, is available for donation to other charities and good causes. The trustees receive and investigate nominations from the members for suitable recipients (These should be sent to and makes recommendations for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

We use the following rules for our donations:

  • Any Charitable purpose which the trustees shall from time to time think fit. More recently FMS members have recommended that the trustees approve grants to healthcare projects, and education projects that are linked to healthcare
  • Priority will be given to those charities registered with the Charity Commission whose objects (as shown on the CC website) FMS considers are non partisan in its approach to healthcare/education project
  • Smaller charities will be given priority
  • Only causes with specific objectives will be funded
  • Participation of FMS in charitable endeavours will be encouraged
  • We always aim to provide the most help we can with our donations
  • Any donation FMS makes over £10,000 it must be shown in the beneficiaries audited accounts and FMS should be sent a copy of these audited accounts

Please note: we specifically exclude the funding of travel expenses or accommodation.

Since 1998, FMS has made donations to:

  • Addis Abba Fistula Hospital
  • Afghan Connection
  • Cancer Research Campaign
  • Children’s Hospice South West
  • Friends of Lugulu Hospital
  • Headway House
  • Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture
  • Nepal Trust
  • Rapid UK
  • Sandy Gall’s Afghanistan Appeal
  • Scope
  • Shiva Charity, Nepal
  • Sight Savers International
  • Sisters of Charity, Makelle, Ethopia
  • Somerset Air Ambulance

Please take a look at this video as this will provide an insight into how our support has been able to help others.

Current charity support

For more information about each project, just click on the text below.

Tulsi Trust Health and Hospital Projects

FMS works with Bengali resettled refugees and the indigenous Adivaashi aboriginals of the interior area of Madhya Pradesh, India. Conditions in the area are harsh. There is limited education and little primary health care. Hospitals are several hours drive away over rough roads on overcrowded buses. Children and adults become crippled for lack of medical attention after simple accidents.

Mazar I Sharif Hospital Project, Afghanistan

Afghan society is in transition from a feudal system to a more liberal system. The violent history, ancient and modern has shaped their thinking and led to considerable problems adapting to western conventions. Corruption in public life is rife and shapes many decisions made in the hospital.

The Kambeng Trust, Gambia

FMS supports the village of Bakary Sambouya in the Gambia with education, healthcare, a clinic and community development including providing an ambulance, medical equipment, funding for staff and medicine. The clinic provides an outpatient service for the community and surrounding villages providing essential medical support. With the recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, it is essential that families are made aware of good hygiene and infection control practices and health education is a major part of our goal.  

Lalibela, Ethiopia

The Lalibela Trust is a small charity, based in Glastonbury and has been involved in a variety of projects in the area around Lalibela – spring improvement and irrigation schemes, the construction of schools and four health posts, Safe Motherhood and the provision of anti-malaria mosquito nets.

Jessie May Trust

The Jessie May Trust is a Bristol-based charity raising funds for terminally ill children and sponsoring nurses to provide them with hospice care at home. They aim to ensure that the children have the very best quality of life possible and can exercise their right to live and to be cared for in their own homes with their families.


Ovacome provides support and information for women affected by ovarian cancer, their families and friends.It has a nurse-led telephone and email support service staffed by medical professionals that can answer clinical questions, talk through the issues, provide emotional support, advice and chat.

Khayang Village

Supporting projects in Khayang, Afghanistan FMS have sponsored 4 tube wells. These wells are sunk to between 100 and 150 feet. By making 4 wells over an area no one well is “over pumped”. This ensures that the soil acts as a natural filter to ensure clean water.

We are also currently supporting:

  • Sandy Gall Afghanistan Appeal We support work with victims of anti personnel mines, polio and congenital orthopaedic abnormalities. In addition we provide training in resuscitation, safe surgery and triage for medical staff.. Read more
  • Children of Bangladesh Drilling wells for safe water